MyBookie.Ag Creates A Series of Promotions Making A High Risk November

New York, NY-, the largest and most accurate sportsbook on the web is giving gamblers the upper hand this November, offering them risk free bets on the Bears vs. Lions this Thanksgiving.

MyBookie.AG is also teaming up with former NBA star Lamar Odom and former NFL kicker Pat McAfee for a game of HORSE on November 15th that will benefit the Humane Society of Ventura, CA in the wake of wildfires there.


Currently, odds are favoring Lamar Odom to win, and gamblers are risking everything should McAfee come out on top. Fans are wondering whether the betting giants has officially lost its mind in a November to remember.

A video of the epic contest has surfaced here:


Here’s a breakdown for the contest:

For every letter that Lamar put on Pat, MyBookie.AG donates $500 to Humane Society of Ventura, CA.


For every letter that Pat put on Lamar, MyBookie.AG donates $1000 to Humane Society of Ventura, CA.


If Pat wins, MyBookie.AG donates the following according to the score:

  • 5-0: $5000
  • 5-1: $5500
  • 5-2: $6000
  • 5-3: $6500
  • 5-4: $7000


If Lamar wins, MyBookie donates the following according to the score:

  • 5-0: $2500
  • 5-1: $3500
  • 5-2: $4500
  • 5-3: $5500
  • 5-4: $6500


The fundraiser raised $5,500 for the Humane Society which will be delivered via check on November 21st, 2018. Lamar Odom and Pat McAfee are currently available for interview to discuss the fundraiser and for Thanksgiving NFL Matchup Analysis!


Not satisfied with potentially risking it all once in November, MyBookie is also giving fans the chance place risk free wagers on the Bears vs. Lions game on Thanksgiving.

Fans can bet on either spread in the game.If they win, they win. If they lose, their risk is refunded. This is called a “Risk Free Bet”. This equates to MyBookie giving up to ~$250k in “Risk Free” bet refunds.


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