The Games Have Begun As Khalil Mack Trade Rumors and Predictions Begin To Swirl as Fans Wonder Where He Will End Up

p>New York, NY- Ever since reports surfaced that about the lack of communication between John Gruden and Khalil Mack this off-season, grumblings about where pro-bowler would wind up paying this season began to swirl. As pre-season has gotten under way those grumblings have only gotten louder and trade rumors and predictions have become even more heated.

Khalil Mack Trade Rumors


As fans across the country wonder whether a blockbuster scenario is in the works, the largest most accurate sportsbook on the web, MyBookie.AG has once again beaten everyone to the punch and posted odds on where he will play this season.


“There is no question about how dynamic a player Khalil Mack is,” stated head oddsmaker for David Strauss. “And teams across the league are putting their best foot forward in order to sign him. We’re giving the Packers the best chance to land him and if they do, Cheese-heads across the country will be frothing at the mouth.”


Oddsmakers at MyBookie.AG posted the following odds on where Khalil Mack will play this season:

What team will Khalil Mack be on Nov 1, 2018.

  • Green Bay Packers 2/1
  • Chicago Bears 3/1
  • New York Jets 7/2
  • Oakland Raiders 7/2
  • Buffalo Bills 10/1
  • Washington Redskins 15/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 15/1
  • NY Giants 20/1
  • Any Other Team 6/1

Will the Raiders trade Khalil Mack before Nov 1, 2018.

  • Yes 1/5
  • No 7/2

Will Khalil Mack be named the 2018/19 Defensive MVP

  • Yes 13/2
  • No 1/10




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